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2. Downloading “RSLogix 500” Software

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1. Allen-Bradley PLC Programming - Introduction

Allen-Bradley PLC Programming | Advanced Course • 48s

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  • 2. Downloading “RSLogix 500” Software

    To download the RSLogix500 Micro software, go to this website:

    At the landing page, click the magnifying glass to start a search. Type in RSLogix Micro. Choose the “RSLogix Micro Starter Lite without RSLinx EN (8.30.00)”.
    Next, click “Download”, th...

  • 3. Downloading the Program File

    - Start the RSLogix 500 program and open the BALLMILL program developed in the previous course: (Right click and Save as)

    Open the Channel Configuration window to see the MicroLogix 1100 communication channels.

    Channel 0 is configured as a serial channel using the Rockwel...

  • 4. Review of Data Files and Program F...

    In the introductory course, we introduced the major data file types available in the PLC.

    Output file 0 and Input file 1 are defined to hold values from physical I/O cards.

    B3 represents a binary file.
    Each of these three file types can be addressed by word, such as B3:1, or by bit reference, ...