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14. Reporting and Printing

Allen-Bradley PLC Programming | Advanced Course • 4m 4s

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  • 15. Report Page Layout

    We will format the page layout for the report.
    In the Layout section of the Report Options window, we see that we can define the report page title, the page header, and the page footer.
    - We select Title in the window’s menu, and see the default title is RSLogix Title. We also see that the RSLog...

  • 16. Divide by Zero in Status File

    One of the best tools for diagnosing issues and troubleshooting a PLC program is the PLC file S2, the Status file.

    The file presentation type indicates Structured, which is the format displayed. The format can be changed to Binary, Decimal, or other formats if desired.

    On the first tab, Main, t...

  • 17. Arithmetic Overflow in Status File

    A common programming fault is an arithmetic overflow. This occurs when a calculation results in a number too large for the number format. We previously indicated that the largest integer possible is 32767. If a number reaches the maximum value, the CPU faults.

    Some faults, like Low Battery, res...