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2. Downloading “RSLogix 500” Software

Allen-Bradley PLC Programming | Advanced Course • 2m 59s

Up Next in Allen-Bradley PLC Programming | Advanced Course

  • 3. Downloading the Program File

    - Start the RSLogix 500 program and open the BALLMILL program developed in the previous course: (Right click and Save as)

    Open the Channel Configuration window to see the MicroLogix 1100 communication channels.

    Channel 0 is configured as a serial channel using the Rockwel...

  • 4. Review of Data Files and Program F...

    In the introductory course, we introduced the major data file types available in the PLC.

    Output file 0 and Input file 1 are defined to hold values from physical I/O cards.

    B3 represents a binary file.
    Each of these three file types can be addressed by word, such as B3:1, or by bit reference, ...

  • 5.Writing to EEPROM

    The MicroLogix 1100, as well as other MicroLogix PLC models, have the capability to install a memory module of up to 128 kilobytes.

    The PLC program can be written to this memory module, or EEPROM, which stands for Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory.

    The program can be written t...