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20. Setting up the IO for the MCR Zone

Allen-Bradley PLC Programming | Advanced Course • 2m 45s

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  • 21. Configuring the MCR Zone

    To demonstrate the MCR zone logic, we configure the two rungs between the MCRs, each with an output coil configured for one of the two motor outputs.

    We add one normally open and one normally closed contact to the input side of the first rung so that the MCR is disabled when either of two safety...

  • 22. The Box Detection Logic

    Two sets of proximity switches will be used to detect boxes passing by the sizing station.

    Based on the size of the box that passes the station, the system will route the box to the corresponding palletizer.

    The two sets of detection sensors help prevent unnecessary downtime should a box become...

  • 23. Enhancing the Box Detection Logic

    - Using two sets of proximity sensors ensures that boxes are correctly sized and counted, even if a sensor is not functioning correctly. However, this redundancy requires extra programming to ensure a box is not inadvertently counted by both sets of sensors.
    - When a box passes into the sizing ar...