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Up Next in Allen-Bradley PLC Programming | Advanced Course

  • 23. Enhancing the Box Detection Logic

    - Using two sets of proximity sensors ensures that boxes are correctly sized and counted, even if a sensor is not functioning correctly. However, this redundancy requires extra programming to ensure a box is not inadvertently counted by both sets of sensors.
    - When a box passes into the sizing ar...

  • 24. Duplicating the Small Box Detecti...

    The logic for the detection of a large box should be very much the same as the logic for the detection of the small box. We assume this is the case, and we create a new rung and edit the new rung to reflect the addresses that are unique to the large box detection.

    When a large box passes through...

  • 25. Getting Ready to Build a Pallet

    The logic created thus far detects box size and quantity, both useful quantities for determining when a full pallet has been built.

    Earlier, we had indicated that a full pallet consists of 4 small boxes or 4 large boxes. We will now set the C5:0 and C5:1 preset values to 4. That way, when the c...