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24. Duplicating the Small Box Detection Logic

Allen-Bradley PLC Programming | Advanced Course • 3m 46s

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  • 25. Getting Ready to Build a Pallet

    The logic created thus far detects box size and quantity, both useful quantities for determining when a full pallet has been built.

    Earlier, we had indicated that a full pallet consists of 4 small boxes or 4 large boxes. We will now set the C5:0 and C5:1 preset values to 4. That way, when the c...

  • 26. Labeling Station Logic

    A “First-In-First-Out”, or “FIFO” stack is a simple way to organize and keep track of data in a process that is moving and continually changing. A FIFO is simply defined as a set of addresses that hold data.

    We will use an integer data file to hold a serial number to be printed on each box. We h...

  • 27. The FIFO Load Logic

    Similar to a Timer or Counter data file type, the “Control Data File” has a special structure that is used to maintain the current position being processed in the FIFO stack and to control the process to load new data into the stack and eject data from the stack.

    The most important parameters ar...