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30. Preparing for Printing and Diverting

Allen-Bradley PLC Programming | Advanced Course • 3m 30s

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  • 31. Completing the Program

    We have a couple of additional program additions that need to be made.
    - We want to make sure that the conveyor motors stop whenever a box jam is detected.
    - We want to expand the logic for the red stack light so that if the E-Stop is pressed or if either conveyor motor is stopped, the red light ...

  • 32. Verifying and Downloading the Pro...

    The program logic is now complete! As we look back over the ladder logic, we see there are a lot of elements to this program that need to be tested. So many things will be happening at once. How can we isolate the logic so that we can verify its operation?

    One way is to add “Temporary End” instr...

  • 33. Testing the Sizing Logic

    We will begin to test the logic for the box packing line, using the Suspend instruction to isolate sections of the program.
    - To test the sizing logic for detection of small boxes only, we will set the value of N7:2 to 1 so that the program will suspend after detecting and counting a series of sm...