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  • PLC Progression - Level 1 (Lifetime Access)

    33 videos  |   Buy $99

    Automated control systems are used in many industries throughout the world. These systems may be as simple as a home security or entertainment system, a food production line, a vehicle assembly plant, or a gas refinery.

    If you are interested in obtaining a career in the Controls Engineering a...

  • PLC Progression - Level 2 (Lifetime Access)

    31 videos  |   Buy $119

    We have heard from many satisfied customers regarding our easy learning approach and are pleased to present to you the next series of training courses to assist you in your journey to learn PLC Programming.

    If you are just looking to advance your skills in PLC Programming or get a job in the A...

  • PLC Progression - Level 3 (Lifetime Access)

    44 videos  |   Buy $169

    Our customers are raving about our easy to learn PLC Programming training series. If you are just looking to get a job in the Automation and Controls Engineering field or just get ahead in your skills, you’ve come to the right place.

    We have many years of combined control system design and pro...

  • PLC Progression - Level 4 (Lifetime Access)

    41 videos  |   Buy $199

    We’ve done it again. We have produced our fourth set of tutorials in our PLC Programming training series. As always, we are using our tried and true method of an easy learning approach to bring you yet another great collection of informational training videos to increase your programming skills....