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After taking this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Set advanced configuration options for the CPU and the RSLogix500 programming environment

  • Create detailed, configurable program reports and cross-reference listings

  • Use the ASCII editor and other advanced programming techniques

  • Understand the use of MCR zone and temporary end statements in troubleshooting the program

  • Describe how to use FIFO Load and Unload statements to control data flow in a process

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • 1. Allen-Bradley PLC Programming - Introduction

    • 2. Downloading “RSLogix 500” Software

    • 3. Downloading the Program File

    • 4. Review of Data Files and Program Files

    • 5. Writing to EEPROM

    • 6. System Configuration Options

    • 7. Controller Properties

    • 8. Search and Replace in Ladder

    • 9. Appending and Inserting Rungs and Instructions

    • 10. The ASCII Editor

    • 11. Creating a Cross Reference

    • 12. Using the Database Tools

    • 13. Using the Revision History Editor

    • 14. Reporting and Printing

    • 15. Report Page Layout

    • 16. Divide by Zero in Status File

    • 17. Arithmetic Overflow in Status File

    • 18. The Lane Sorter Process

    • 19. The Lane Sorter Project

    • 20. Setting up the IO for the MCR Zone

    • 21. Configuring the MCR Zone

    • 22. The Box Detection Logic

    • 23. Enhancing the Box Detection Logic

    • 24. Duplicating the Small Box Detection Logic

    • 25. Getting Ready to Build a Pallet

    • 26. Labeling Station Logic

    • 27. The FIFO Load Logic

    • 28. Loading the Serial Number into the FIFO Source

    • 29. Unloading the FIFO Data-Featured image

    • 30. Preparing for Printing and Diverting

    • 31. Completing the Program

    • 32. Verifying and Downloading the Program

    • 33. Testing the Sizing Logic

    • 34. Testing the Alarm Logic

    • 35. Setting up the Test Logic

    • 36. Testing the FIFO Logic

Ideal for you if…

  • You are a technician or engineer and need to gain a strong working knowledge of the MicroLogix line of Allen-Bradley PLCs

  • MicroLogix line of Allen-Bradley PLCs You have some basic Allen-Bradley RSLogix programming experience but want to learn more advanced programming techniques by creating a program for a real-world packaging line example

  • You want to practice taking complex process descriptions and create PLC logic to create a functioning program to meet those requirements


In this Allen-Bradley PLC Programming training course, you will be exposed to more advanced instructions, configurations, and diagnostics for Alllen-Bradley Logix programming using RSLogix500 Micro and Emulate500 than in the Basic Course. A real-world packaging line and lane sorter project example will be used to demonstrate these advanced instructions and programming techniques that can be used on any Logix controller or version of RSLogix or Studio5000.

This course will cover additional CPU configuration that can be used for advanced troubleshooting and diagnostic use. Reporting techniques demonstrate how to document the ladder program and data files.

First-In First-Out (FIFO) instructions are presented that are used to store serial numbers for individual boxes as they pass through a size detection station and unload them as the boxes pass through a labelling station farther downstream. A lane diverter helps sort boxes by size, and multiple stack lights are actuated to provide operator awareness of the packing line operation.

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Marcin Trojak

From my experience, I have to say that RealPars is the most professional online training program out there. The instructors are easy to follow and clearly explain PLC theories with excellent supporting visuals and real-life application examples. I like that they provide a summary after each lesson that brings together all the information and makes it easier to retain. Plus, I can train anytime, anywhere. I’m a maintenance apprentice right now, but when I complete RealPars training I’ll be ready to go after the PLC programming jobs I want.

Mohammad Khabazi

I work on electrical and instrument maintenance now, but my goal is to become a full-time PLC programmer. University courses take too much money and time. The RealPars video training method is great…the instructors are all experts and speak clearly so they keep my interest and are easy to follow. I’m eager to gain even more PLC expertise as new content is added.

Meet your instructor

Scott Sommer, PE, CAP

Scott Sommer has worked in the automation industry for over 37 years. In addition to his full-time job as Director, Automation Engineering Professional Development at Horizon Controls Group, Scott is proud to help develop the next generation of automation engineers. In his free time, he’s a RealPars instructor and an ISA trainer.

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  • Can I get a certificate for this course?

    Yes. RealPars will issue an Allen-Bradley Certificate of Completion (certified by RealPars) when you complete the course.

  • What is the required software?

    Studio 5000 Logix Designer

  • Can my employer purchase a course for me?

    Yes. Most people enroll individually, and then submit their receipt to their employer for reimbursement. However, if your employer has a tuition budget and wants to train 5 people or more, you can send us an email at [email protected] and we will help you with bulk signup.

  • Can I register for a course if I am working full time?

    Of course. All of our course content is pre-recorded, so you can work and study on your own time.

  • Do I have to travel to take this course?

    Nope! All our courses are offered online, so you can take them from anywhere in the world. All you need is a high-speed internet connection and the applicable software for your course.