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After taking this course, you’ll:

  • Grasp essential electrical theory and basic circuit operation.

  • Understand wire cross-section, resistance, and voltage line drop.

  • Decode AWG and ISO wire sizes and their applications.

  • Explain the operation of our basic motor-driven conveyor

  • Differentiate between conductors and insulators in systems.

  • Run a basic motor-driven conveyor in a circuit simulator.

  • Access more courses as a Pro member, expanding your skill set.

Course curriculum

    1. 1.1 Welcome to Your Course Journey

    1. 2.1 Diving into Electrical Theory & Electron Flow

    2. 2.2 Unpacking Basic Electrical Circuit Operations

    3. 2.3 Understanding Wire Cross-Section and Resistance

    4. 2.4 Voltage Line Drop: Definition & Impact of AWG Size

    5. 2.5. Decoding AWG and ISO Wire Sizes

    6. Section 2 Quiz

    1. 3.1 Breaking Down Ohm's Law

    2. 3.2 What is an Insulator? Let's Find Out

    3. 3.3 Conductor and Insulator: A Comparative Discussion

    4. 3.4 Identifying Conductors and Insulators

    5. Section 3 Quiz

    1. 4.1 How Does Our Basic Motor-Driven Conveyor Operate?

    2. 4.2 Conveyor Circuit Simulator: A Live Demonstration

    3. 4.3 Discuss Electrical Safety and Applications

    4. 4.4 Electrical Quantities and Electrical Safety | Conclusion

    5. Section 4 Quiz

    1. 5.1 Identifying Electrical Symbols On Schematics

    2. 5.2 Explain What Control Logic Diagrams Are?

    3. 5.3 Discuss Commonly Used Control Logic Circuits

    4. 5.4 Symbols and Diagrams | Conclusion

    5. Section 5 Quiz

    1. 6.1 The 3 Most Common Test Instruments and Safe Use Rules of Each

    2. 6.2 Discuss the Digital Multimeter (DMM) Test Instrument

    3. 6.3 Discuss the Digital Clamp-on Ammeter

    4. 6.4 Receptacle Ground Fault Interrupter (GFCI) Socket Tester

    5. 6.5 Common Test Instruments | Conclusion

    6. Section 6 Quiz

About this course

  • 28 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content
  • Pro Course
  • Earn Certificate of Completion
  • Multilingual Subtitle

Why Enroll in This Course?

Welcome to the Industrial Electrical Maintenace Essentials course!

If you've been looking to solidify your understanding of basic electrical concepts, you've come to the right place. This course breaks down complex electrical theory into easy-to-understand lessons.

Explore how electron flow relates to electrical theory, understand the operation of basic electrical circuits, delve into wire cross-sectional resistance, and learn about voltage line drop. Not stopping there, we decode AWG and ISO wire sizes and simplify Ohm's Law, insulators, and conductors.

But, we won't just leave you with theory. We'll dive into real-world applications, taking you through the operation of a basic motor-driven conveyor and providing a live conveyor circuit simulation.

Don't forget, with a Pro Membership, you get complete access to this course and our ever-growing library of expertly curated courses on PLC, SCADA, Industry 4.0, and more. Dive into our ocean of knowledge and upskill at your own pace.

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Prepare for better pay & bigger responsibility

Jake Watkins

Since I started training a few months ago, I can see there’s been a huge difference in how much more efficiently and effectively I can handle PLC repairs in the field. Our clients are telling management how happy they are to get back online more quickly and save money because I’m turning around faster fixes. I definitely recommend it for anyone who needs PLC training at any level.

Mario Flores

I needed to get up to speed on working with Siemens PLC equipment and came across RealPars training on YouTube. I watched my first video and immediately went to the website and signed up as a student. I like the way information is explained step-by-step and that it’s broken down into small chunks…I can go back and review anytime I want. I’m already seeing that I can perform repairs faster and with more confidence. Three of my co-workers were so impressed, they signed up for RealPars, too.

Meet your instructor

Diego Torres

Since his time in the US Army, Diego's passion for technology has driven him to pursue an impressive 40+ years of experience in Industrial Maintenance Technology.

From his journey of starting out as a German adult electric engineering apprentice, he was able to make it all the way up and land himself an impressive leadership role with General Motors. His expertise in Industrial Maintenance saw him supervising a team of highly-skilled technicians dealing with complex PLCs, drives, and advanced controls ranging from 5VDC right through to 1000VAC 3 phase!

Diego has been an incredible asset to the industrial controls community for over 25 years. He was first hired by Siemens Energy & Automation in 1989 and since then, he's trained a whopping 1,000 students! After retiring from Siemens energy in 2014, his passion for teaching others hasn't diminished - the man is still passionate about passing on knowledge and mentoring new engineers!

Ideal for you if…

  • You're seeking a solid foundation in practical electrical fundamentals.

  • You want to understand the workings of basic electrical circuits and the roles of key components like conductors and insulators.

  • You're involved in a field where electrical systems are integral, and you need to boost your comprehension to excel in your role.

  • You're a lifelong learner, excited about continuous updates and eager to gain access to future courses on our platform.

Here’s why you’ll succeed

  • One-on-one support

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  • Laser-focused lessons

    We only teach you exactly what you need to know to master a PLC course. No fluff, filler, or wasting your time.

  • Experienced instructors

    All PLC training courses include step-by-step instructions from the world’s best so you can join their ranks and gain an unfair advantage.

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  • What will I learn in the Industrial Electrical Maintenance Essentials course?

    You'll delve into key topics like electrical theory, operations of basic electrical circuits, wire cross-sectional resistance, AWG and ISO wire sizes, Ohm's Law, insulators, conductors, and more. You'll also gain hands-on experience through a live conveyor circuit simulation.

  • What is the required software and hardware for this course?

    There won't be any specific hardware or software required for completing this course.

  • How long do I have access to the course material?

    As a Pro member, you'll have unrestricted access to this course and all others on our platform for as long as your membership is active.

  • Who is this course designed for?

    This course is ideal for beginners and intermediate learners seeking to solidify their understanding of electrical fundamentals. If you work in, or aspire to join, any field that deals with electrical circuits, this course will be incredibly valuable.

  • Do I get a certificate of completion?

    Absolutely! After completing the course, you'll receive a certificate acknowledging your new expertise in practical electrical fundamentals. This is a great addition to your professional portfolio.

  • Can I learn at my own pace?

    Of course! Our Pro Membership allows you to learn at your own speed. No rush, no deadlines - you set your own learning rhythm.

  • Is this course up-to-date?

    Yes! We regularly update all our courses with the latest industry knowledge. Rest assured, you'll be learning the most relevant and up-to-date information.

  • Can I access new courses added in the future?

    Yes, the Pro Membership gives you immediate access to new courses as they are added. Stay updated and broaden your skills with our ever-expanding range of courses.