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92. Factory Warehouse PLC Program

How to Use Counters in PLC Programming • 3m 58s

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  • 93. Custom Preset Values for Counters

    Let’s assume that there are already 100 products in the warehouse and I need the counter to start counting from this preset value.

  • 94. Temporary Product Storage Area PL...

    I have two conveyor belts, two sensors and a temporary product storage area. The products are passing in front of sensor number one on the conveyor belt and entering the storage area.
    The products will then be put on the second conveyor belt, pass in front of the sensor number two, and transferr...

  • 95. Bottle Filling Process PLC Progra...

    There is a bottle filling machine that fills the empty bottles on a conveyor belt with liquid from this tank. In this and the next lessons you’re going to learn how this machine works and how to write a professional PLC program that fully controls this machine.
    This filling machine has three op...