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Up Next in How to Use the Shift and Rotate Instructions in PLC Programming

  • 2. Shift Right Integer – Part 2

    When you're creating or incrementing sequences, it's good to understand what happens to the bits in a shift right instruction so that you know how it can be applied to your project. In this lesson we're going to take a look at the numbers we use with the shift right instruction, and how those val...

  • 3. Shift Right Integer – Part 3

    So we've learned about the shift right instruction and how it handles integers. If the integer range is -32,768 to 32,767, then what happens if we want to use the shift right instruction for a number outside of that range?

    In this lesson, we'll uncover how the shift right instruction can be u...

  • 4. Shift Right Double Integer

    We now know how the shift right instruction works for integers and double integers. What about words or double words? The shift right instruction operates slightly different when handling word or double word values as compared to integers or double integers.

    In this lesson we'll compare the s...