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Up Next in IEC 61131 Programming Using Ladder, Structured Text and Function Block

  • 5. Programming Ladder Logic Routine

    Let’s begin to program the ladder logic routine.
    We will add two new rungs to our ladder routine.
    We use a greater than or equal element that compares the tank level tag, with the pump start setpoint tag, and latches the SoftWaterTank.PumpStarter and SoftWaterTank.WaterValve coils.

    These coils w...

  • 6. Programming Structured Text Routine

    Let’s startup Studio 5000, and select the program RealPars_IEC61131, previously created in the first section.
    After the Studio 5000 program starts up, the “Logic Designer GUI” appears. In the “Controller Organizer Area” - “Tasks” folder - “MainProgram” folder, we can see the three different progr...

  • 7. Programming Function Block Diagram...

    We will begin by opening the RealPars_FunctionBlock routine.

    Sheet 1 of 1 will be displayed. Select the Edit icon.

    The routine will now be in edit mode and display the Accept Edits toolbar.

    With Function Block programming we will use similar compare GEQ (Greater than or equal) and LEQ (Less t...