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16. Extended Timing Using a Combination of a Timer and Counter _ Part 2

PLC Progression - Level 3 (Lifetime Access) • 5m 12s

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  • 17. Testing the PLC Program in Single...

    Whether you’re testing a PLC program with an actual PLC or with a simulator, by default the CPU executes the program in continuous scan mode. However, the PLC simulator in STEP 7 is capable of executing the program in single scan mode as well.

    Now, you may be asking, “What is the difference b...

  • 18. Counter Bit Instructions in PLC P...

    Some of the most often used instructions in PLC programming are comparator operations. In all of the previous PLC programs that we have worked with so far, we have mostly worked with bits. A bit has only two possible values of one or zero, true or false and based on these limited values you can e...