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133. An Introduction to Math Functions - Part 3

PLC Progression - Level 4 (Lifetime Access) • 7m 25s

Up Next in PLC Progression - Level 4 (Lifetime Access)

  • 134. An Introduction to Math Function...

    There are some other instructions in the math functions folder which you can use for specific mathematical operations like square SQR or square root SQRT. Let's find out how these actually work.

  • 135. Gas Turbine Temperature Control ...

    There are different applications across various industries where you need to measure and control the temperature of different factory sections. In this and then next lessons, you're going to learn how to write a PLC program using the math functions to measure a gas turbine gear box temperature an...

  • 136. Gas Turbine Temperature Control ...

    In the previous lesson, you learned that how the small portion of the alarm system for a gas turbine works. As I indicated, in this lesson I'm going to start writing a PLC program that will activate the alarms whenever the temperature measured by each sensor is out of range.