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108. Introduction to Comparator Operations PLC Programming

PLC Progression - Level 4 (Lifetime Access) • 5m 32s

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  • 109. What are Integer and double inte...

    As indicated in a previous lesson, each comparator operation has a drop down menu where you can select between different data types.

    Now what are these used for? It's very simple. Every variable or constant that you use in your PLC program has a specific data type. When you're going to compar...

  • 110. Real, Byte, Word, Double Word an...

    You became familiar with integer and double integer data types in the previous lesson. In this lesson you're going to become familiar with the rest of data types in comparator operations including real, byte, word, double word and time.

  • 111. A few Practical Points on Compar...

    Before starting with practical PLC programming examples for comparator operations, I'd like to discuss a few practical points on how to use these instructions in your PLC program.