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14. Turning on PLC Outputs in Sequential Order using the SHL Instruction

PLC Progression - Level 6 (Lifetime Access) • 6m 58s

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  • 15. Rotate Right Double Word

    In addition to the shift instructions we also have the rotate right and rotate left instructions in this folder.
    The rotate right instruction works by rotating bits to the right according to the value entered in the IN input by whatever bit you define for it located in the N input.
    Unlike the...

  • 16. Rotate Left Double Word

    The rotate left instruction works in the exact opposite way of the rotate right instruction.

  • 1. Introduction to Logic Gates in PLC...

    In this lesson we are going to discuss logic gates. If you don’t know how logic gates work, watching this lesson will explain that for you. If you are familiar logic gates, we will run through a quick refresher explaining the four types of gates. Those types are AND, OR, XOR or Exclusive OR, and ...