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17. How to Compare the Online and the Offline PLC Program

PLC Program Troubleshooting • 7m 23s

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  • 18. What is Stuxnet?

    Are you all familiar with the modern-day boogieman? The boogieman for computers that is. There are guys out there whose sole purpose is to wreak havoc on the computer of the unsuspecting soul who dares to open that email message or the unknown web page. Well, recently it was discovered that there...

  • 19. How Stuxnet Plans to Stay in Your...

    In the first lesson of this series, we discussed what was considered the first of its kind. A cyber weapon that’s purpose was to invade and stealthily command and hopefully destroy machinery that was controlled by a PLC control system. This weapon or virus appeared to have a specific target and a...

  • 20. How Stuxnet Manipulates the PLC?

    In the previous two lessons we discussed the Stuxnet virus and its purpose. As you may recall, this virus was believed to be the very first of its kind that was produced in order to cause physical damage to machinery via an industrial automation system. In this lesson, we are going to continue ou...