PLC Progression - Level 1 (Lifetime Access)

PLC Progression - Level 1 (Lifetime Access)

Automated control systems are used in many industries throughout the world. These systems may be as simple as a home security or entertainment system, a food production line, a vehicle assembly plant, or a gas refinery.

If you are interested in obtaining a career in the Controls Engineering arena, we have created a training system that will help to get you started on that path. We have many years of combined control system design and programming experience that we will be utilized to explain these lessons in a clear and concise way.

In this simple to use and easy to follow training system, we will show you the ins and outs of control systems. These courses will explain how control systems work, what hardware is used, different communication methods, different instruction sets, using some tricks of the trade to get around some of the limitations, and much more.

Our training program starts with the beginner in mind and for that reason, the course material is explained in depth but with an ease of use manner.

We will begin by explaining why we developed this program and the successes reported.
We then get into the basics of the control system starting with the next lesson. This lesson will get you familiar with the hardware used. The following lessons explain detailed information about power supplies, how the processor functions, and the memory types within the processor.

We explain some of the status indicators for some of the PLC modules to better help you better understand and troubleshoot your control system. We will then give you details about input and output or I/O types, when they are used and for what purpose.

After getting you familiar with some of these components, we will then describe how to configure each of these items within the programming environment.

And finally, within this series of courses, we will demonstrate how to load your configured project to the PLC.

After learning the basics, you can then purchase the next series of courses in which you will begin programming in the PLC environment.

This is the first installment of comprehensive training courses that will help you to gain the knowledge needed and assist you in becoming an Automation and Controls Engineer.

Buy today and see why this innovative training program is miles ahead of the other programs out there.

PLC Progression - Level 1 (Lifetime Access)

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