PLC Progression - Level 2 (Lifetime Access)

PLC Progression - Level 2 (Lifetime Access)

We have heard from many satisfied customers regarding our easy learning approach and are pleased to present to you the next series of training courses to assist you in your journey to learn PLC Programming.

If you are just looking to advance your skills in PLC Programming or get a job in the Automation and Controls Engineering field, well we got you covered.

We have many years of combined control system design and programming experience that we will be utilized to explain these lessons in a clear and concise manner.

In the first series of this training program we got you familiar with the basics of PLC Control Systems. We talked the about hardware, including power supplies and how the processor functions. We also talked about memory types, modules and their LED status lights, different I/O types and their use, and finally configuration.

In this series, we are going to continue where we left off. We will first get you more familiar with the programming environment. Following that, we’ll discuss Input, Output, and memory addressing. We will then discuss how to address timers and counters.

We will then jump right into programming in the next couple of lessons and write some code for running a three phase motor.

After that, we discuss latch instructions and talk a little about normally opened versus normally closed switches and which is better to use in what situation.

Other lessons in this series include set instructions, flip flops, momentary and latched controls. The series also contains instruction on writing code for rotating motors in clockwise and counter clockwise directions, positive and negative edge detections, and using a single switch to both start and stop a motor as well as using a single switch to run 4 motors, one after the other.

This second series is packed full of instruction explanation and code writing for many common controls.
This is second installment of comprehensive training courses that will help you to gain the knowledge needed and assist you in becoming an Automation and Controls Engineer.

Buy the series today and see why this innovative training technique is touted as one of the best training programs available.

PLC Progression - Level 2 (Lifetime Access)

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