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Up Next in Rockwell Studio Add-On Instruction Creation Simplified

  • 5. Creating AOI Input-Output Paramete...

    We will create the “Input-Output” parameter tags.

    - Let’s define an input tag as “Celsius”. Celsius will be configured as a REAL data type and as a Float style tag. The default value will be 0. The Required and Visibility column checkboxes will be checked because the tags are requiring an argume...

  • 6. Creating AOI Local Constant Tags

    We will create three constants that will be used in our calculations. Let’s create “Constant_1”, “Constant_2”, and “Constant_3” as REAL data types and as Float style tags.

    The default values will be respectively 1.8, 32, and 273.15.

  • 7. AOI Scan Modes

    The “Scan Modes” tab allows the designer to setup pre and post scan logic. We won’t be configuring these useful modes but will be explained.
    - For the Prescan routine, the logic configured in this routine program is examined prior to the execution of the AOI. This allows for the AOI instruction a...