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Watch this video and more on RealPars

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Up Next in Rockwell Studio Add-On Instruction Creation Simplified

  • 10. AOI Configuration in the MainRoutine

    Let’s use the AOI in ladder logic to see the results of the equations used in our AOI.
    We will now go to the Instruction toolbar and select the Add-On
    tab. We will select the RealPars icon from the toolbar.
    The AOI will now be added to rung 0, but it still requires some configuration.
    - First, l...

  • 11. AOI PLC Program Online Demonstration

    We’ve added a few more instructions to help with the simulation.
    If you would like to follow along, the Studio file, named RealParsAOI
    can be downloaded from this link:
    - The TON or Timer On Delay instruction set for 5000 milliseconds or 5 seconds and will increment the C...