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3. Example Project Configuration

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1. Introduction to Rockwell Automation Common Industrial Protocol

Studio 5000 Produce Consume vs Message Block Communication • 1m 28s

Up Next in Studio 5000 Produce Consume vs Message Block Communication

  • 3. Example Project Configuration

    Let’s program an example of “Produce Consume” method.

    We will program and setup two PLC programs and “Studio 5000 Logix Emulate” on a PC to simplify our example and call them “RealPars_ProduceConsume_PLC1” and “RealPars_ProduceConsume_PLC2”.
    Obtain these files here:

  • 2. CIP Messaging Protocol Basics

    In this video, you will learn about the producer-consumer and the explicit messaging models, benefits, and considerations.

    An Allen-Bradley Logix 5000 controller produces and consumes system shared tags.

    For two or more controllers to share produced or consumed tags, controllers must be on the...

  • 4. Adding the Remote PLC Produce Tag

    We will add the Remote PLC2 “Produce Tag”. This tag will be consumed by the “Local PLC1”.

    On the “Edit Tags” tab, create the new tag. The tag will be named, “ME_to_REMOTE_DINT” and created as a “Double Integer” data type.

    Then right-click anywhere over the tag and select Edit “ME_to_REMOTE_DIN...