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Up Next in Introduction to Allen Bradley PLCs - RSLogix 500

  • 13. RSLogix Input Files

    The structure of the Input file is the same as the Output file.

    File I1 represents the physical input device addresses possible.

    Notice that there are six 16-bit input words available, representing the possible 96 inputs for the PLC.

    In a later lesson, we will add descriptions and symbols f...

  • 14. RSLogix Binary Files

    Binary files are structured very much in the same way as the Input and Output files.

    Upon inspection, the only obvious difference is that the Binary file window does not have the Force button at the bottom of the window.

    The other difference is in the way the address in the Binary file is show...

  • 15. RSLogix Data Files

    In the previous section of this course, we gave a tour of the RSLogix 500 output, input, and binary files. We demonstrated how individual elements of these file types are referenced, how to change the view of the data file from bitwise to decimal, and how to expand the size of certain data file t...