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Up Next in Introduction to Allen Bradley PLCs - RSLogix 500

  • 27. Input and Output Instructions

    Output instructions set data table values based on the input logic.

    Input instructions make logical comparisons or monitor the states of data table entries. When the input logic is true, the output instructions execute.

    If a rung only has an output instruction, it will execute each time the pr...

  • 28. The ADD and XIC Instructions

    We append another rung so that we can add the logic to increment or add 1, to “N7:0” when the timer times up.

    We navigate to the “Compute/Math” tab, and click on “ADD”.

    We want to execute the “ADD” instruction when the timer times out.

    The bit “DN” is set when the timer times out.

    To add thi...

  • 29. Finishing the Logic

    We click on “Source A” and enter the integer we wish to increment.

    We enter 1 for “Source B”, the value we want to increment by.

    For the “Destination”, we enter “N7:0”. When we press “ENTER”, the entries for the “ADD” instruction are complete, and the description and symbol for “N7:0” are shown...

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