Using Conversion Instructions in PLC Programming

Using Conversion Instructions in PLC Programming

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Using Conversion Instructions in PLC Programming
  • 154. How to Convert an Integer Value to a Real Value

    As you may know, there are several conversion instructions for use in most PLC programming softwares however, sometimes they can be a bit tricky to use.

    In this lesson we are going to discuss converting and integer value to a real value using conversion instructions. However, there is no direc...

  • 155. How to Round a Number in Your PLC Program

    In our daily activities, we may add things in our head to estimate some value to maybe stay within budget or just find some roundabout price.

    In this lesson, we are going to show you how to use one of the many instructions included in STEP 7 to do the everyday rounding that you may need insid...

  • 156. How to Convert a Real Value to Integer

    At times, we may need to convert a real or fraction value to an integer for use in our programs. In this lesson we will explain a simple trick to get the result that we are looking for. The first step in the process of this conversion process is truncation. We will then simply use the 16 bit lowe...